“My husband and I were and are extremely impressed with Dr. Hunter and his staff. We have recommended Dr. Hunter to many of our friends. He takes the time to answer all of your questions without having one hand on the door waiting to get out. He’s a good surgeon and makes you feel like he really cares about your situation. We are glad to be working with him and his staff.”

Steve and Roseann McCarty – Sun City

“Dr Farr did lens replacement surgery on my right eye 2 days ago. I’m amazed that I have not only distance but up close vision back! Can’t wait to go back in 2 weeks to have my left eye done. I was really scared about having the surgery this week but, this is an amazing group that took great care to put me at ease and to make sure I understood every step of the way what was to be expected. I can’t wait to have my left eye done and to be able to live without contacts and glasses again. Thanks Dr Farr and thanks to your amazing staff!!”

Mary Williams – Clear Lens Exchange

“Dr. Hunter has the strongest skill set I’ve ever seen! He doesn’t just wait to talk, he actually listened to me and my needs, so when he did my Lasik eye surgery it not only exceeded my expectations but met all my personal needs. Take it from someone who has worked in healthcare for over ten years …. This doctor is rare!”

Catherine Earnhardt – LASIK

“Since moving to the LowCountry 8 ½ years ago, I have received my eyecare from the, what is now known as the Sungate Medical Group. For the first 8 years that consisted of wonderful routine treatment. Things changed dramatically last August when I developed a major, serious eye infection. Dr. Drew Hunter was designated to be my primary contact throughout this ordeal. His medical expertise was matched by his compassion and total involvement in my treatment and recovery. Normally I do not make recommendations for things such as movies and restaurants. In this case I am happy to make an exception and enthusiastically recommend Dr. Drew Hunter for all of your eyecare needs.”

Dennis L. – Sun City

“I chose the toric lens that was recommended by Dr. Farr and now I no longer need eyeglasses for distance vision! The staff was very easy to work with and flexible with my schedule. I had an excellent experience and would choose the same lens again.”

Acrysof Toric Lens Implant for Astigmatism patient

“I needed a lot of astigmatism correction and didn’t want to wear bifocals. Both eyes are now 20/20 at distance and I would definitely do it again! Dr. Farr and his staff are most confident.”

Acrysof Toric Lens Implant for Astigmatism patient

“The surgery was very easy with no discomfort. It was nice to be able to wake up and see much better without contacts. The staff was wonderful. I received excellent care both before and after surgery.”

Acrysof Toric Lens Implant for Astigmatism patient

“My astigmatism was severe since childhood. After my surgery I see 20/20 without glasses at distance. My experience was excellent and I would definitely do it again. “

Acrysof Toric Lens Implant for Astigmatism patient (retired physician)

“I was tired of wearing contact lenses and needing reading glasses with me. My vision is now great near and far! I have and will recommend this to family and friends because it is wonderful to not wear glasses and worry about a contact case and solution. Everyone at SunGate was friendly and helpful!”

Acysof RESTOR Multifocal Lens Implant patient

“I chose this implant to achieve near and far vision without glasses and the objectives were met. It was a significant improvement in my vision and I have been very satisfied. Dr. Farr’s skills are outstanding and the SunGate staff are very professional.”

Acrysof RESTOR Multifocal Lens Implant patient

“I didn’t like wearing glasses all the time. Now I can see to read everything! Focus is great, no more glasses! I would recommend the RESTOR impant. My visits at SunGate were pleasant, the staff is wonderful!”

Acrysof RESTOR Multifocal Lens Implant patient

“Before my surgery, I had to look through my eyelashes to read. It was the easiest surgery I’ve every had, and the experience at SunGate Medical Spa was wonderful!”

Dr. Farr’s Blepharoplasty + Ptosis Correction patient

“The loose skin on my eyelids was effecting my vision and making me look older and feel tired. The surgery was a very positive experience – I used cold compresses as directed and had almost no bruising. I am so happy with the outcome! No one knows I’ve had surgery, but complement me on looking great!”

Dr. Farr’s Blepharoplasty + Ptosis Correction patient

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