Special care to provide a perfect fit.

Being fitted for contact lenses is crucial to how successful they are in correcting your vision, as well as your comfort level in using them on a day to day basis. Our board-certified optometrists will assist you in a personalized, custom fitting so that you know the contacts we prescribe are right for you.

First, you will receive a contact lens evaluation, which focuses mainly on eye-health issues related to contacts. This enables the optometrist to find a contact lens with the right amount of curve, thickness and diameter according to the patient’s specific vision needs. Then there will be a careful fitting of the new lens to the patient’s eye, with instruction on how to go about applying contact lenses in a proper, clean way. Finally, a follow-up visit is scheduled for the optometrist to see how the patient’s eyes are responding to the contacts. It also gives the patients a chance to tell the optometrist whether or not they feel like their problems have been solved with the lens selected.

Contact Lenses at SunGate Medical Group Bluffton SC