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    Seeing is Believing

    Seeing is Believing

    Taking care of your eyes can be a priority just like eating healthy and physical activity. Healthy vision can help keep you safe each day.  It is important to have an annual eye exam, even if you’re not experiencing any noticeable change in your vision. Periodic comprehensive eye exams are important, because they allow for the early detection of eye diseases and other eye problems—some of which have no obvious symptoms. Earlier detection allows for earlier treatment and a better visual outcome for most. Eye exams can help identify a variety of ocular concerns, such as poor vision, astigmatism, glaucoma, dry eye, and age-related and hereditary diseases.  You may not be aware that your eyes can also reveal critical information regarding more serious health issues such as diabetes, brain tumors and even Alzheimer’s disease.

    If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that your vision can change over the course of a year. Even if that change isn’t obvious to you, an updated prescription can make a real difference in your quality of life at work and at home. Everyday activities like reading and working on the computer are a lot more comfortable when you have the right eyewear.

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