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Your Gateway to Wellness

From vision care to primary care,
we can help you start living a healthier life.

Seeing is believing

Our state-of-the-art ophthalmologists and opticians
help you see your next step more clearly.

Happy, healthy hearts

We're about full-body wellness,
starting with your heart.

Live younger

Next generation medical science to make
you feel young again.

Find the new you

You can find your inner peace at one of our very own
Island Medical Spas.

Our Vision

SunGate Medical Group empowers wellness by providing a healthier way forward.


Our Mission

We will treat our clients with the highest level of care and caring by offering the services they need, when they need them, in a unique environment that truly sets us apart.


Our Approach

We created a concierge-like atmosphere, so that every one of our patients feel like welcomed guests.