• 12 JUL 17
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    HD Analyzer Thoughts from Dr. Farr

    HD Analyzer Thoughts from Dr. Farr

    When you’re researching ophthalmologists in the area, it’s important to make sure they are using up-to-date technology and the latest innovations in technique. Dr. Kenneth Farr is always researching and learning, here are some Monday morning thoughts from Dr. Farr on our HD Analyzer, and how it helps identify the right treatment for the patient.

    “The HD Analyzer has really changed the way I view floaters. Clinically, I see patients with vague complaints of blurry or hazy vision after cataract surgery where everything else is normal. In the past, I was not a big believer in sending my patients over for a vitrectomy based solely on vitreous opacity. Recently, I have seen patients with higher than normal OSI due to vitreous floaters. I’m now able to see just how distracting and visually compromising they truly are by measuring scatter with the HD Analyzer. It helps me to identify the patients that will most likely be improved with treatment of their vitreous floaters. The patients that have since had a vitrectomy for vitreous opacity are some of the happiest.”

    For more information on the HD Analyzer, you can go to http://www.visiometrics.com/hd-analyzer/.

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